When done correctly, social media marketing will increase your brand’s exposure, grow customer awareness and increase loyalty through sharing and communicating on a more personal level. There are multiple platforms in which we can generate new leads, by producing attractive and engaging content. Now more than ever, it is vital to improving your search engine discoverability. 

Our team is skilled at creating planned campaigns suited to your business. We collect and schedule engaging content to increase exposure to your brand and business. All campaigns are followed through with in-depth reporting so that you can see the value it brings to your business.








Our aim at AdCraft Studio is to create outstanding campaigns that attract customer’s attention. We work personally work with you in order to craft an image that fits with your business, brand and image.

  • Social Media Management
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Scheduled Organic Posting
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Content Creation
  • Photo Editing
  • Blog Posts
  • Facebook Pixel Integration
  • Reporting

“Before AdCraft Studio managed our social media, I was skeptical as to how we could generate leads in this particular industry. AdCraft helped us increase our brand awareness with unique and engaging content. I have had a lot of great feedback from our clients. We have been able to communicate our services better and even made sales directly through Facebook. It has paid for itself.”

Darren Frame

Director, D.Frame Electrical


1. Determine Your Business Objectives

Before racing into mindless posting, it is imperative that we determine your business objectives through strategy sessions. We develop a list of KPIs based on the business outcome you are trying to achieve in order to set objectives to meet them.

2. Generate a Social Media Strategy to Reach Your Goals

Once your objectives have been clearly set, we begin to develop your social media marketing strategy. This process includes an industry and competitor analysis, particularly across the social media space. This strategy ensures that you are targeting your ideal customer, and will drive high prospective leads to your website through engagement across these social media channels. 

3. Implementation, Reporting and Results

 Now the objectives and strategy have been set and it is time to launch your campaign! Your ads are live but our work is not over. During this stage we are constantly monitoring performance of the KPIs and measuring them against the objectives of your business. 

For the duration of your campaign, our team will review and monitor results, making data-led decisions to optimise your ROI. We regularly stay in touch with reporting and communication, so that you can be up to date with your digital marketing process.

“AdCraft Studio jumped on board midway through the 2019 season handling our social media channes and photography. Some of the content they have managed to coordinate includes interviews with players and club personnel, as well as providing some flashy team photography. This has led to increased sponsorship interest by promoting the club in a positive light, and we have noticed people around the club becoming more engaged online and at the games.”

Paul Boscaro

Club President, Unanderra Hearts