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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of, if not the most valuable long-term marketing strategy for businesses in the digital age. Provided you are like almost everybody else, you are using Google frequently to find the business or product that you are after. Now, you must understand the true value of having your business display up at the top of Google. 

SEO For Business

SEO  or Search Engine Optimisation refers to gaining and growing the visibility of a page in unpaid search engine results. SEO involves both technical and creative matters to improve search engine rankings and to increase web traffic. It is now proving to be one of the most crucial elements in every business’ marketing and growth strategies.

Using advanced SEO methods, our team ensures your page and content is optimized to reach the top of search engines, giving your customers the best chance to find your business. 

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Search Engine Optimisation Wollongong

Higher SEO Rankings

Being placed on the first page in relevant search results is great starting point to target, however, the higher up your listing results appear, the more visitors the website is likely to receive. Ideally, your website needs to target and rank for a number of key search terms, and aim to be within the top three positions for that particular search.

SEO Experts

Having an SEO expert working alongside your business, you can expect an increase in web traffic, increasing the likelihood of sales, or interest in your services that you offer. If your website is not ranking highly, many potential customers are visiting your competitor’s websites instead. This means you are looking at an opportunity for a large improvement in your marketing, traffic, and profitability.


Perhaps the most important aspect of your SEO plan is targeting the correct keywords, typically these words or search terms will be, or be closely related to the service/s that you offer. In targeting keywords, it is important to investigate and understand a term’s search volume, and competition. Search terms that appear in search engines more frequently are typically more competitive, and therefore require a more thorough approach. AdCraft Studio will give you expert advise on which keywords to target taking into consideration the search volume, competitiveness of the term, priority services for your unique business and the potential of particular searches translating into sales.

After developing your keyword strategy, the next step we take is review and update content for your website to ensure it is relevant, valuable, unique, readable and as engaging as possible. This may involve generating new pages of content or enhancing the information that is already present on the site or even combining content from multiple pages, onto a singular page in order to build a higher authority page to attract more users.

When optimising a website for search engines, text is the most important form of content for SEO, as it is the most ‘readable’ form of content for search engine bots to crawl, understand and index. Other forms of content, such as images, audio and video, are useful for improving the user experience, however, cannot be readily understood by bots (which is why alt text is beneficial to use each of your site’s non-textual content).

The user experience (UX) is another extremely important factor for SEO. Just about any adjustment that can be considered an improvement to the experience of website visitors has the potential to increase traffic. When people have a good experience while viewing information on a website, a positive first impression of the business is being generated. It is important to understand how important first impressions are for the sales process. It is in Google’s interest to understand a site’s UX properties and a website that generates a good user experience is certainly going to be beneficial to its SEO.

Some examples can include how quickly the pages load, the way in which the pages render on various static and mobile devices, how useful or enjoyable your content is and how easy the site is to navigate. Part of our SEO service includes assessing UX factors and developing strategies on how to improve them.

For businesses that need to target customers in a particular geographical region, prominence in the local map pack provided by Google, has become increasingly important. For example, local SEO Wollongong, means to list your business in the correct way on Wollongong-based, business citation sites. This is known to have a significantly positive effect. As well as beneficial, SEO Wollongong directories, being listed high ranking directories and citation sites such as Google My Business, True Local, Local Search, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and social media platforms will establish your credentials as a trusted local business.

Google consider inbound website links as another means of establishing the authority of that particular business in search engines in order to gauge how popular a particular web page is. Pages with many inbound links will be assessed as being more popular and will, therefore, tend to rank more highly than those pages with only a few inbound links. Therefore Google will be more inclined to send users to web pages that have many inbound links, particularly when those inbound links are from websites with high domain authority themselves. It is understood that link-building from non-credible sites can actually do harm to your search results, so it is important to be sure the website is trusted and credible. Publishing high quality, unique, valuable, and informative content that is accessible on search engines is the most efficient and effective method to earning links from other websites.
With any of our SEO plans, AdCraft Studio use data analysis to measure the effectiveness of past SEO efforts, and develop strategies to continually improve search engine results, helping us keep your rankings on an upward trend. Search Engine Optimization is difficult, and often a time consuming activity, and search engine algorithms can change at any time leading to the occasional unforeseen outcome. Keeping accurate records over time allows our SEO specialists to better understand what the search engines are after and keep track of any affects made through content changes.

Probably the most common error we find with new businesses, is building a website without considering SEO factors. Features relating to poor web design may include slow page loading, non-mobile friendliness and the absence of important features that promote quality SEO. If you would like a free website SEO review and consultation, please contact us for more information.


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