At AdCraft Studio we break down our Graphic and Logo Design service into four key areas: Communication, Style, Design and Support.


The face of your business, share your brand and values through the most memorable and important aspect of your business, your logo. designed right here in Wollongong.


We ensure your STYLE is unique to the competition and best reflects your business and its services in an effective way so that your brand becomes memorable.


Our graphic design team will ensure your brand is consistent across all platforms, media, and all design requirements are met and refined with a fine tooth comb.


As always, we offer ongoing support with our clients with the possibility to update your design down the track. With full payment of your logo, you will receive full copyright ownership for usage.

Branding is all about maximising every opportunity and building a connection with your customers. You want your customer to choose your brand over any competitors whether you require a new brand, a brand refresh or brand architecture for your organisation. AdCraft Studio can produce all your branding requirements including brand strategy, logo design, naming, identity and brand guidelines. Working together, we will learn about your brand vision, objectives, customers and market. With our quality design, experience in strategy and pure hunger for collaboration – great results will be achieved!

We cater for businesses of all sizes whether you need a basic set of guidelines, or a more elaborate version to ensure your brand is future proof. Our team will produce excellent design solutions for your branding. Through our creative and technical process, incorporating the overall strategy and rounds of stress testing, the perfect guide for your brand applications will be delivered. We can advise you on everything around branding, design, values, tone, logo usage, sizing, fonts, colours, location, social media, web presence, media and more.


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