Business Plans and Marketing Plans


  • Develop a business plan for a hospitality investor in order to obtain a highly sought after lease in Adelaide.
  • Provide a marketing plan and marketing timeline for the business to follow, in order to achieve its ambitious objectives.


AdCraft Studio were approached with a brief for business concept by an investor, looking to establish a restaurant in the City of Adelaide to provide a modern Balkan experience with the culture’s cuisine in a modern restaurant and bar. Our team put together a business plan and marketing plan for the leasing application, which was selected among over 50 applications as the most viable business model for a highly sought after lease. The document includes:


  • General Business Concept
  • Sample Menus
    • Kitchen
    • Woodfired Pizzas
    • Drinks
  • Outline Of Service Style
  • Team & Staff Requirements
  • Venue Design
  • Target Market
  • Location
    • Demographics
    • Market Research
  • Marketing Outline
  • Marketing Timeline
  • Financials
    • List of Purchases Required
    • Pro Forma Profit & Loss (3-years)
    • Break Even Analysis
    • The business is now in operation today, and has the business and marketing plan necessary to succeed in what is a very competitive industry.


    • Business Plan